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I started making Toilet Team in 3D with Fimo

I have been watching this guy called ClayClaim on YouTube who is awesome at making superheroes out of Fimo. I have used soft drying clay before, but yesterday I started using Fimo. So far I've only made Toilet Man, Mini-Poo and Gangsta-Giggle.

I have an idea on how to make more of these Toilet Team characters so that I can use them in stop-animation... let's see how that goes... in the meantime I hope you like my first attempt with Fimo!

In case you don't know what Fimo is, it is the same as soft clay or Playdoh, but you can cook it in the oven to set it and it is kind of heavy. It is fun and easy to use, so if you like sculpting it might be a good option for you.

Toilet Man with Gangsta Giggle and Mini Poo (Fimo)

Fimo Toilet Man - first try - I don't really know why he is on my face

Toilet Team (well some of them) ... train background cute but not real!


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