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Narration of The Epic Bird Chase Part 1

My year 5 teacher, Miss Crowe, showed my first part of the Epic Bird Chase comic (based on a story she told us about meeting a Cassowary bird) to her Dad. Apparently he really liked it and read it out loud. He sounds a lot like David Attenborough. My Mum helped me add the voice recording to these slides.

Miss Crowe said: "My dad has dementia which has made him become quite subdued and quiet. Seeing this cartoon really made him come to life - he loved the humour!"

Thank you Mr Crowe for taking the time to record a reading of this... and to Miss Crowe for sharing it with us. Watch it here.


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Hello Gabriel! This cartoon has inspired so many children at Singlegate in Year 4. It often comes out when we have an art day! We‘ve had ‘The Epic Dog Chase’ ‘The Mystery of the missing parakeets‘ and another version of The Epic Bird Chase! In one class the children set up a waiting list to read all three parts of your cartoon. I recently shared it with my dad (who has sadly deteriorated since the recording) he laughed out loud and his face lit up. Thank you for this inspiration! Miss Crowe : )

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