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Comics are a really fun way to express yourself. There are no rules and I really like experimenting with different facial expressions.


The hardest thing I find is to actually finish all of my comics because I get excited about new ideas before I finish other ones.

Just because they can be fun to create, that doesn't mean you can't use comics for schoolwork. 

We were asked to write or draw about an inspirational historical person, so I did a comic about Rosa Parks - I was worried that I would get in trouble for doing the project as a comic, but the teachers ended up really liking it. I've put it below for you to see.



Hi! My name is Gabriel - welcome to my site. I've always loved art, and have decided to try to keep what I make in one place... right here!

I really hope that you like my work and that some of my hints and tips help you if you're also a young artist.

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