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Everyone needs a Gizmo

At the start of lock down last year, my cat called Martha died. It was very sad, especially for my Mum who had had him for 14 years. My family was very sad - especially because we were all stuck inside and suddenly had no Martha.

My Mum and I looked online at kittens that were available and one day we saw a little grey kitten. He was tiny and very clumsy. We called the owner and he told us that we could buy him. Then, on my birthday, my parents surprised me by getting the man to deliver the kitten to us on that day - he was meant to come the week after.

As soon as I saw him, I knew I wanted to call him Gizmo. I love Gizzy - he gives great hugs and sits with me on the sofa. He loves playing in cardboard boxes, has a very loud meow, and is still very clumsy.

Everyone should have a Gizmo.


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